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Blue Exorcist Season 3: Canceled or Confirmed? – The Latest News

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Upon the release in 2009, Blue Exorcist, a unique dark fantasy manga series became widely popular. In 2011, manga readers and new viewers were captivated by the 2011 anime adaptation. The show actually helped boost manga sales and more and more fans have been waiting to watch more of the thrilling series. Yet, no news about Blue Exorcist for years! *Crickets*

Six years later, when fans were losing hope, the anime returned. A-1 Pictures, the animation studio behind the instalment saw huge success. But the sequel was met with critique from fans saying it didn’t match the first series. Even still, the fan base is loyal and they’ve been waiting for a renewal and the release of Blue Exorcist Season 3.

Will There Be A Blue Exorcist Season 3?

Currently, it’s pretty likely that there will be a third season as Ao no Exorcist is the most popular dark anime of the decade. Even for a cliche, yet fresh story-telling perspective it’s popular. The demand for new episodes it very high.

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In 2017, season 2 of Blue Exorcist came out and two OVA episodes followed that same year. That was the last time the show was talked about by Blue Exorcist producers. Unlike TV series in the US, anime series have long gaps between and sequels tend to take years. It’s completely normal for A-1 Pictures to take their time when making a decision.

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The success of both the previous seasons can’t be ignored. Besides the streaming and telecast profits, the increase in manga sales also put Blue Exorcist on the radar. The production of Blue Exorcist Season 3 seems very likely given this fact and it’s a profitable deal for A-1 Pictures

Enough Source Material To Create Blue Exorcist Season 3?

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Kazue Kato, the creator of the popular manga series celebrated its 10th-anniversary last year. The manga will continue and more series will be released for a few more years, at least. Kato has published over 24 manga volumes as of early 2020. The first season of the anime covered material from the first four books.

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In 2017, the sequel used material from volumes 5 through 9. There is more than enough material for A-1 Pictures to use for Blue Exorcist Season 3. Given the amount of material that’s left to work with, there should be more seasons released.

What’s Going To Happen Next?

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The next four or five books (volume 10 through 13/14) of the manga may be covered in the upcoming season of Ao no Exorcist. Rin and his friend will be dealing with the Illuminati group and the leader, Lucifer the King of Light. Their main role is to resurrect Satan to unleash zombies and demons.

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There may also be the invention of Gehenna Gate featured in Blue Exorcist Season 3. This is a portal between the Assiah and Gehenna, the human and demon world. The Illuminati constructed the portal in a former Russian nuclear power plant, but they couldn’t get the engine to function properly. Only the Exorcists were able to pass through the gate, but they failed as well. The Illuminati aim to reunite both worlds, but Rin and Yukio (his twin brother) are the only ones who can stop them.

When Will ‘Blue Exorcist Season 3’ Be Released?

Although A-1 Pictures hasn’t ordered another run for the iconic anime, it’s difficult to predict a solid date. Even if the show is greenlit, Blue Exorcist Season 3 may not be released anytime before 2021 or even 2022.

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What are your thoughts on Blue Exorcist Season 2? And what do you expect from Blue Exorcist Season 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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