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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Season 2: Everything you need to know

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Since the first installment of Dragon Ball Super finished up in 2018, fans have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of Dragon Ball Super Season 2. The show has become a favorite among anime fans, and calls for a second installment have reached a fever pitch. 

I remember watching the original show as a kid and have seen how the Dragon Ball franchise has slowly taken over the world and gained a vast international following. With fans hungrier than ever for some more Goku-Vegeta action, a second season of Dragon Ball Super is what everyone wants to see.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 - When will it air?

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What is Dragon Ball Super about?

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Dragon Ball Super is a sequel to the original Dragon Ball franchise set ten years after they defeated Majin Buu. While the series starts off with Goku living a simple life as a farmer with his family, new foes arrive, and Goku has to use his immense powers once again.

If you remember, Goku attained the powers of a God in Battle of Gods and Resurrection’ F’, and Dragon Ball Super explores him having to use his new abilities. The show’s scope is more extensive, with the hang traveling to other universes to battle powerful opponents.

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Goku looking scary

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Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Rumours?

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Newsweek reported that Dragon Ball Super Season 2 was in pre-production and had been in the works since 2018. The reason for such an early start on the second installment was to avoid the animation quality complaints that they got with season one. It was also reported

that Naohiro Shintani, the animation director for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, would be returning for Dragon Ball Super Season 2 and be at the helm of animation. 

Unfortunately for fans, when Toei Animation, the studio behind Dragon Ball Super, got wind of the rumors, they came out and quickly quashed any hopes fans had. Their media representative, David Syatt, was adamant that no episodes are currently in production. 

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You only have to take a peek at the comments on the tweet below to realize how much fans want Dragon Ball Super Season 2.

It’s not the first time rumors have been incorrect. Fans have also mistaken the secrecy around the release of Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac, another hit show from the animation house, for the release date of Dragon Ball Super Season 2

How Famous Is The Dragon Ball Super Series?

Following in the footsteps of one of the most popular anime series of all time is no mean feat, but the Dragon Ball Super Series somehow managed it. In terms of storyline, the series has been praised by fans across the globe. However, it did receive some harsh criticism, particularly for the animation in Season 1 Episode 5, which fans felt was utterly lackluster. 

The show was nominated for the Best Continuing Series in 2017 and the Best Fight Scene in 2018. It then went on to win the Best Continuing Series in 2018, so it’s getting some critical acclaim to match the fans’ buzz. 

It has sold 3,043,329 tankōbon copies alongside millions more in terms of complete volumes sold in terms of manga numbers. So it’s safe to say the series is insanely popular, and Dragon Ball Super Season 2 would continue to be a hit. 

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, with no official release date for Dragon Ball Super Season 2, the studio has not yet put out a trailer. However, we didn’t want to keep you hanging and included a fan-made trailer. 

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For all you fans of top 10 lists, we have also included a selection of the ten best moments from the series. Check it out below.

What will season 2 be about?

With the manga series production in full flow, it is no surprise to many fans what the next season has in store for us all. The fighters from Universe 7 are training to get stronger, and then Goku meets a Galactic Patrol agent who informs him of Moro, the Planet-eating supervillain. 

Around ten million years ago, Moro came and destroyed several planets and turned them into dead stars so that he could absorb all their energy. However, Supreme Kai managed to seal some of Moro’s magic, and he is then sentenced to life imprisonment. Goku and Vegeta journey with the Galactic Patrol to capture Moro. After some time, they finally get a signal of where he is hiding and go to meet him in person. It turns out that Moro hasn’t lost all his power and manages to outwit the pair and is fully aware of their impending arrival. 

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 Release Date

The Release Date of Dragon Ball Super Season 2

There is always some delay between the manga source material production and then on-screen adaption to anime. Toei Animation is still tight-lipped on Dragon Ball Super Season 2, but a new story arc was released in the most recent manga volumes. Realistically, it’s just a matter of time before the manga is adapted into a new season, but unfortunately, they have not yet given a release date.  

The Dragon Ball franchise has been incredibly lucrative for the studio, and it’s without doubt that they will launch the second season soon enough. Toei Animation and Funimation want to aim for a dual release of the show and have it subbed and dubbed before launch, so each region gets it faster. The dubbed episodes finished in November 2019, so even a 2020 release may have been slightly optimistic. With Coronavirus putting everything on hold earlier this year, a 2020 release date is now looking impossible. Realistically we won’t see Dragon Ball Super Season 2 until 2021 at the earliest.

How do you think the series compares to the original? Are you eagerly awaiting season 2? Let us know below.

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