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God Eater Season 2: Everything You Need To Know!

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It’s been 5 long years and we’re finally seeing hope for a God Eater Season 2 release. Originally a video game, the anime has had many high expectations from fans and the release of God Eater Season 2. Although the series is popular, the studio has yet to announce an official renewal. When will season 2 release? Here’s what we know so far.

In 2010, God Eater started out as a Japanese RPG video game and many young people enjoyed it so much that in 2013 and 2018 two more parts were released. Halfway through 2015 and an anime adaptation of the game was released. Ufotable studio animated the series and it was directed by Takayuki Hirao.

God Eater Season 2

Will There Be A God Eater Season 2?

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the God Eater video game the debut season of the anime adaptation was released. In 2020 it’ll be the tenth-anniversary fr the franchise and chances are the studio may produce another season. So far Ufotable has yet to confirm and fans will need to wait a bit longer to find out if it’s true or not.

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The God Eater video game is both popular among the youth in Japan, as well as internationally. There’s been a demand for a God Eater 4 video game and God Eater Season 2 anime. It’s most likely that the video game released will only be released once there is a conclusion regarding the anime series. The TV series helps promote the sale of the game.

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Some speculate that the anime won’t return to screens anymore and fans have said that Ufotable only created the anime to increase video game sales. The studio may not plan on creating anime episodes. They may produce God Eater Season 2 to promote the video game God Eater 4, though. Once God Eater 4 is confirmed then we’ll see God Eater Season 2 released, most likely.

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Given that there’s no source material yet, Ufotable would need to create a completely original storyline for season 2, which seems unlikely. Plot angles used in the anime would need to come from the video game.

God Eater Season 2

God Eater Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

God Eater is set in 2071 post-apocalyptic country of the New Asian Union, just like in the video game. Humanity is nearing the brink of extinction because of man-eating monsters called Aragami. Aragami are immune to conventional weapons, hence the organization Fenrir came into play to help humans. The Members of Fenrir are referred to as God Eaters who use biomechanical chemicals to fight Aragami.

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Speculation around season 2 and featuring a new lead is out, given that Lindow lost an arm during a battle with Aragmi. Lenka Utsugi will most likely be the lead character alongside another hero character. Lindow and Shio will sill return in God Eater Season 2. The new season seems to be more exciting than before!

God Eater Season 2

God Eater Season 2: Release Date

As previously mentioned, Ufotable will most likely release the new anime season to celebrate God Eater’s tenth anniversary. Yet, the studio hasn’t confirmed this. Mid to late 2020 is our best guess as to when God Eater Season 2 would be released. Due to the heavy animation required it may take a bit later, so mid-2021 at the latest.

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Are you looking forward to Season 2? What are your expectations for the new season? Let us know in the comments.

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