Tuesday, May 17, 2022

New Death Note One-Shot Available to Read Online for Free Now

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The latest chapter of ‘Death Note,’ the popular manga, is now in English and available to read!

In May 2006, Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, the creators of the original ‘Death Note’ ended the series, but have just recently published a brand new chapter.

Death Note is illustrated by Obata and written by Ohba. The new chapter to the story is 87 pages and once again Shinigami, the demon and Ryuk return to Earth with an appetite for apples. With Ryuk comes the ‘Death Note’, a notebook with specific sets of rules.

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By simply writing anyone’s name that they know and face they have seen into the notebook, the owner of the notebook can kill them. If a cause of death comes with a specific time, it’s guaranteed to happen. If details regarding how the death will happen are written, then it will unfold exactly. When no info is provided, the victim dies from a heart attack.

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The original series follows Light Yagami aka ‘Kira’ who uses the book to kill those who he deems unworthy.

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In the new chapter, Ryuk seeks out a new owner of the book. He’s looking for someone smart and capable to use it for a long period of time, but what the demon doesn’t expect is that the recipient of the Death Note may just try and sell it, as well as the power it brings. Enter, Donald Trump…

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Manga fans can read the new chapter (translated to English) online simply get the box set.

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