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No Game No Life Season 2: Release date and Trailer

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Fans have been made to wait for No Game No Life Season 2 since the first season debuted in 2014. The show is based on a book series by Yu Kamiya, which was then made into a manga adaptation by his wife Mashiro Hiragi in 2013. 

No Game No Life made a massive impact on fans in the short time the anime adaption appeared on screen and has a 7.8 IMDB rating with more than 10,000 reviews. Not only did it win over homegrown fans in Japan, but it also garnered a following across the globe. Non-English versions were released in Brazil, Taiwan, and Russian. It was released but then banned in China because it was seen as a threat to communism.

No Game No Life Netflix
No Game No Life Season 2

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What Is No Game No Life About?

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The show follows Sora and his sister Shiro, and they are two reclusive characters often called hikikomori in Japan, and form part of an unbeaten game group. They are challenged by the god of games to a chess match and end up winning. Following this, they are taken to Disboard, a world where violence, stealing, and other nefarious acts are forbidden. Instead, everything is decided through playing games, including the drawing of national borders and people’s lives. 

Of course, Sora and Shiro intend to remain undefeated and keep their reputation intact, so they plan to defeat the sixteen species and attempt to claim the god’s throne.

The series follows a group of human gamers seeking to beat the god of games at a series of board games in order to usurp the god’s throne.

No Game No Life Season 2 Character
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Storyline: “No Life No Season 2”

The producers have been relatively tight-lipped on what No Game No Life season 2 would actually look like. Despite calls for the show to return, many fans feel that the creators have rounded it off nicely. 

Following the anime adaption, a film called No Game NO Life: Zero was released, which is an adaption of the series’s 6th volume and set thousands of years in the past. After that, the author and his wife teamed up to release a manga adaptation too. 

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However, not all the loose ends were tied up in the first season. They currently have just five of the sixteen species under control, so No Life No Season 2 is going to revolve around the defeat of these and their rise to the top. 

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any reliable updates or insider leaks that would give us an accurate idea of what No Game No Life Season 2 would be about. 

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No Game No Life Season 2 Trailer

Of course, with no reliable updates from the producers, creators, or publishers, the Official Trailer for No Game No Life Season 2 is not out yet. Instead, we have found an excellent compilation of the shows best moments for you to watch. Check it out below: 

For those looking to reminisce about the movie’s best fight scenes, don’t worry, we have you covered. Take a look at the best fights from the show below:

The Cast Of No Game No Life Season 2

The cast is likely to remain the same for the second season of the hit anime show, meaning the same voice actors will return. Yoshitsugu Matsuoka will reprise Sora’s role, while Ai Kayano returns as Shiro and Yoko Hikasa will voice Stephanie Dola. For the English version, Caitlynn French did the voice work for Shiro, Scott Gibbs took up the mantle of Sora, and Sara Ornelas was cast as Stephanie Dola.

Watch No Game, No Life Zero

Will There Be No Game No Life Season 2?

The show’s popularity is now set to explode because it has been released on Netflix, which essentially brings it to the masses. If you had asked me whether a No Game No Life Season 2 was likely beforehand, I would probably have said no. However, the streaming giant opens the show up to millions of more people and is likely to drum up a lot of attention. 

Another positive is that with the creation and extension of the manga series, there is more than enough source material for the show’s creators to work from. So that’s another roadblock removed. 

It seems that everything is moving in the right direction for a No Game No Life Season 2 to hit our screens shortly. While 2020 is ruled out because of the pandemic, we may see it as soon as 2021, depending on the uptake in fans from Netflix. Either way, we will keep you updated on a second season release date as soon as we find out.

What are your thoughts on a No Game No Life Season 2? Are you a fan of the show? Let us know below.

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