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Brie Larson Controversy And Comments About Captain Marvel

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After being released nearly a year ago, it seems like a lifetime ago since Brie Larson first appeared on the big screen as Captain Marvel. Of course, since then, she has had another big performance in the Avengers Endgame movie, where she played a pivotal role in the story’s outcome.

Brie Larson’s performance as Captain Marvel wasn’t to everyone’s taste, but we thought it was great, and she managed to pull off an excellent performance despite the sometimes choppy script.

In recent days Brie Larson’s comments about Captain America have got fans excited as she has shared some sentimental and behind-the-scenes photos from her time on set. This has all been to commemorate the date she first found out about being cast in the role. 

Captain Marvel and Brie Larson

Becoming Captain Marvel.

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It was officially revealed that Brie Larson would be cast as Captain Marvel in 2016, at the San Diego Comic-Con. Larsson appeared as part of the Marvel Studios panel and gave an interview with an excited audience. She then went on to make cinematic history and join an exclusive list of actors to appear on stage as a Marvel superhero.

On Friday, brie Larson left comments about Captain Marvel on her Instagram, sharing a touching message with her fans and an array of fun photos. You can check out the images below. They are well worth a viewing for any Brie Larson Captain Marvel fan.

A softer side to Captain Marvel and Brie Larson.

Fans of the franchise are often used to seeing Brie Larson dishing out punishment to bad guys and portraying strong women on screen. However, through the photos she shared online, we see a softer, more playful side of one of the world’s most powerful heroes. In one photo, she is even sitting smiling with her Captain Marvel helmet on her head.

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Like with any major Hollywood movie, there are some great memorabilia, and Marvel movies are no different. In a few photos, she has some awesome on set items, including her captain’s badge and candy dispensers.

Will we see a Brie Larson Captain Marvel again?

From the photos, it is evident that Larson enjoyed her time as Captain Marvel and the memories she made. She obviously holds them close to her heart.

Luckily for fans around the world, Captain Marvel 2 has gotten the go-ahead. Unfortunately, die-hard fans will have to wait until 2022 for the next installment of the Marvel franchise.

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There isn’t an official trailer out for the next movie yet, so to keep your appetite wet, we have included the best scenes with Captain Marvel and Brie Larson below:

With Larson’s star power and enthusiasm, she will likely be involved in the franchise for some time. Although it has not been officially confirmed, Captain Marvel is expected to be in phase 4 and phase 5 of Marvel’s movie plans.

Was the first Captain Marvel with Brie Larson a success?

The first installment of Captain Marvel was widely praised for its strong female characters and action sequences. It was a runaway success at the box office, making over 1 billion dollars worldwide. Brie Larson seems to have the golden touch because she also appeared in avengers endgame, which grossed just shy of $3 billion.

It currently sits with over 400,000 votes on IMDb b&m as a score of 6.9. on Rotten Tomatoes, it is certified fresh with 78%

Brie Larson Controversy 

Last year Larsen found herself in some hot water and at the mercy of some internet trolls after making some comments to a fan. Larsson did not want to hear the opinion of a 40-year old white guy regarding her movie, A Wrinkle In Time. After the controversy, the Captain Marvel Star had to clarify her initial statement to quell the rage pouring from twitter.

Despite her comments, brie Larson has seen a meteoric rise to Hollywood’s A-List and is fast becoming a household name. She gets a lot of positive press and has a loyal fan base to keep her hungry for success. Check back with Entertainment Dose for an update on any Captain Marvel 2 news.

What did you think of Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel? What are your thoughts on the upcoming installment? Let us know below.

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