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Daredevil’s Deborah Ann Woll Worried She’ll Never Act Again

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Netflix’s Daredevil and other Marvel shows featured Karen Page acted by Deborah Ann Woll, who is concerned she won’t find acting work ever again.

Fearing she’ll never get to act again, Deborah Ann Woll, who formerly starred in Netflix’s Daredevil, reveals her anxieties with not finding work. Daredevil first premiered on Netflix in 2015, which served as the first of many Marvel shows that were soon to follow. All shows were released in anticipation of the final show, The Defenders. Although Marvel had ambitious plans, they moved away from Netflix when Disney decided to launch Disney+; it’s own streaming service. Things got even more complicated when Marvel Studios absorbed Marvel Television. Shortly thereafter, Daredevil, as well as the other Marvel shows on Netflix, were canceled, leaving Deborah Ann Woll looking for work. She starred as Karen Page and worked alongside Charlie Cox, who played Daredevil, the blind lawyer-vigilante.

Deborah Ann Woll was pivotal to the Marvel Netflix shows as she not only starred as Karen Page in three seasons of Daredevil but also appeared in The Punisher and The Defenders. But Woll’s best-known role was that of Jessica Hamby, the young blood-thirsty vampire on HBO’s True Blood. After Daredevil was canceled, Woll went on to host the D&D series Relics and Rarities, as well as to appear in the thriller Escape Room (2019).

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Woll opened up about her anxieties regarding not being able to land a job on the Marvel EVP/Creative Director Joe Quesada’s Joe Q’s Mornin’ Warm Up streaming talk show. Woll claimed that her biggest concern is not being able to act again. She goes on to say whether or not she still has “it” and if anyone would want to act with her again. Woll says her brain tries to calm her down and be reassuring, but being both an actor and artist involves putting a bit of your soul into the work, and if she’s not acting, she’s not sure who she is. Acting becomes part of your identity. She then goes on to say that since it’s been so long, she’ll question her self-worth and her own sense of value.

deborah ann woll

When Daredevil’s cancelation was announced, many Marvel fans were disappointed. Many thought of Daredevil as being one of the best Marvel Netflix shows. Vincent D’Onforio, who played kingpin Wilson Fisk, even joined fans who campaigned to bring the show back. Given the fact that Disney+ has focused on bringing about MCU’s television series around characters and films like Loki, the Winter Soldier, and the Falcon, the future of Netflix’s Marvel character is unclear. Many speculate that characters could very easily cross-over to the films. Although nothing has been announced, a popular example would be for Daredevil to appear in a Spider-Man film.

The Covid19 pandemic has also done nothing to help Deborah Ann Woll’s case get back in with the entertainment industry as most productions have been put on pause or completely shut down. This doesn’t bring Woll any reassurance or any hope for those fighting to keep Daredevil airing.

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Should Marvel revive Daredevil on Disney+? Let us know in the comments!

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