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Lil Pump’s Net Worth Plus 10 Cool Facts about the Rapper

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For most of his fans, Lil Pump’s net worth comes as no surprise. An enigmatic and often wacky character, Lil Pump is a hit American songwriter and rapper. He was born in Miami, Florida on August 17, 2000, and his real name is Gazzy Garcia. His most well-known song was “Gucci Gang” which climbed to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is a hit around the world. 

He brought mumble rap to the forefront of the music industry but is also well known for his outlandish hairstyles. Before Lil Pump’s net worth had skyrocketed and he was still at Highschool, Garcia was a self-styled rebel who got in fights and riots while on campus. But rapping called to him and led him on a better path.

Net Worth$8 million
August 17, 2000
Zodiac SignLeo
CountryMiami, Florida, United States of America
First SongLil Pump
Lil Pump's Net Worth
  1. His inspirations: All rappers have a variety of inspirations that influence their music and Lil Pump has no different. Before making it as a rap star, he liked the music of 50 Cent, Chief Keef, and Ludacris.
  1. No Smokepurpp means No Lil Pump:: Smokepurpp actually played a big part in the behind the scenes of Lil’s Pumps Network and wider success. He produced the majority of Lil Pump’s songs and he may not have made it without him. 
  1. Started as a Soundcloud Rapper: All big artists start on one platform or another and Lil Pump began his rap career on Soundcloud, the music sharing platform that is popular with aspiring artists. 
  1. Lil Pump’s First Song: Lil Pump’s first track was titled, “Lil Pump”. The impressive thing about the song is that two verses are just completely freestyles into Apple headphones, which is crazy. 
  1. J. Cole Beef: Back in 2016, the Lil Pump and J. Cole and some mad beef. The artists wrote songs about one another and didn’t hold back in the lyrics. Fans got involved and also battled each other online, but in the end it worked out.
  1. The beef was settled: In 2018, the pair buried the hatched and the beef disappeared overnight. J. Cole invited Lil Pump to chat which was uploaded onto YouTube. Check it out below, it is good insight into Lil Pump’s more chilled side.
  1. He’s Short: He’s the short king of rap. You only have to see Lil Pump stand next to anyone on stage to see he’s usually the smallest one up there. No shame in it, Lil Pump’s net worth it growing and he’s killing the game on the daily. 
  1. The shortest song: His iconic song, Gucci Gang, is apparently the shortest song to hit the charts, with a runtime of just 2:02. So he’s a rapper full of shorts. 
  1. A harvard graduate: It turns out that the 2017 tweet from Lil Pump which is below, turns out to be false. He didn’t drop out of Harvard, despite his instance that he did to save the rap game.
  1. One big riot: During the 2018 Lollapalooza, Lil Pump had an insanely big crowd. So big in fact, that people were fainting. This resulted in a few riots which ended his performance at the event.

What do you think of Lil Pump’s net worth? What other rappers do you think have more money? Let us know below.

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