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10 Awesome Facts About Rebecca Liddicoat

Rebecca Liddicoat may not be a household name to some, but if you are a fan of the Cleveland Browns and Robert Griffin III (RG3), then the name likely rings a bell. Rebecca Liddicoat is the Baylor student that married Robert Griffin. He has faded into obscurity after being drafted at quarterback by the Washington Redskins and then proving to be a bust.

Unfortunately for Liddicoat, her partner’s poor performance on the field carried over into their personal life. The pair are now separated, and their divorce is pending. She and Robert Griffin learnt the hard way that success in college sports doesn’t always lead to success in professional sports. 

With her history in mind, here are some interesting facts that not many people know about Rebecca Liddicoat. 

She’s set to receive half of of a $2.2 million home they bought

Rebecca Liddicoat and RG3

The couple’s home in Montgomery, Texas, is set to be split 50-50 based on their prenuptial agreement. However, the process is being drawn out and has proved to be tedious work with RG3 not holding up his end of the deal. Without an agreement in place, neither of them are set to get any money from the property as of yet. Indeed, if the divorce is based on the prenuptial documents and that hasn’t been honoured, then getting divorced is going to be an even bigger struggle!

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Rebecca Liddicoat needs $36,000 a month

Rebecca Liddicoat and her family
Rebecca Liddicoat

That eye-watering number is not a joke! Despite only having one child together, the enormous sum seems outrageous. However, she has properties in Texas and Virginia that she manages. Soon after the split, RG3 cut off her credit cards which is making her life harder and leading to an even more bitter divorce.

She didn’t file for the divorce.

RG3 and his new wife

In terms of high-profile divorces, it is usually the woman who calls it quits first and delivers the bad news. But in this instance, it was Robert Griffin who decided to split with Rebecca Liddicoat. But why? Well, he has stated that the marriage was way past the point of being saved. However, insider speculation has brought to light a different reason for divorce that strays from this narrative.

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Rebecca Liddicoat discovered another woman just after giving birth

RG3 and his new girl

The woman in question is Grete Sadeiko. She is a student-athlete who is currently pregnant with RG3’s child. It must have been heartbreaking to find this out. So how come she didn’t push for divorce? Well, it’s one of the things that doesn’t make sense about the breakup, but it is assumed that Rebecca Liddicoat still felt the two could put their differences behind them. According to courses closeby, she was utterly distraught when he put the divorce through. 

She wasn’t fussed when they first met

Robert Griffin and Rebecca Liddicoat divorce

A mutual friend got the pair together, and she actually thought that RG3 was slightly odd when they first met. He was wearing ladies socks. It seems that she should have trusted her instinct and avoided him altogether. Although they do say, you should never judge a book by its cover, or socks.

She was a Biology major.

Rebecca Liddicoat's replacement

While at Baylor Rebecca Liddicoat studied biology. Perhaps this highlights her clinical approach to finding out about RG3’s deception and wanting more evidence before she made any rash decisions. As far as we know, Rebecca graduated with a degree in Biology, but because of all the commotion surrounding the divorce, it’s hard to get confirmation on that. 

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They got engaged at the Allison Indoor Practice Facility

Rebecca Liddicoat and RG at the wedding

From the outside, it seems that a practice facility would be a strange place to get engaged. However, RG3 staged the whole event and put in action a sneaky plan. After a game, the pair drove around for a bit then went back to the Allison Indoor Practice Facility. When he led her indoors, both families were eagerly waiting for the couple inside. Sounds like a tonne of pressure. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either a romantic gesture or a psychology trap where you have to say yes.

Rebecca Liddicoat was serenaded at her engagement

Rebecca Liddicoat kissing

It turns out the RG3 isn’t just a big name football player, but he also has a musical element to him. It must have been a memory that even in tough times, the couple looks back upon fondly. RG3 wrote a song for her and then sang it in that romantic moment. 

“Roll With It.” was top of the Billboard chart on the day she was born

Rebecca Liddicoat looking unhappy

 Rebecca Liddicoat was born on 13th August 1988, which was a Saturday. At the time, Steve Winwood’s classic was at the top of the charts. It’s probably not even a fact she is aware of, but it seems like fitting advice for this period of her life. Do you have any idea what the #1 Billboard song was on the day you came to be? Let us know below.

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Her life appears to be stalled at the moment

RGIII's wife, Rebecca Liddicoat, in her wedding dress and makeup - The Washington Post

The terms of the divorce have not yet been met, and RG3 is not honouring the prenuptial agreement. She is currently struggling to live off any less than $36,000, which seems insane but she is the woman that has been tossed aside by a pro athlete in favour of someone else. The court system is notoriously slow, and with RB3 having millions in the bank to drag the process out even further, it could be some time before Rebecca Liddicoat gets the result she is looking for.

What are your thoughts on Rebecca Liddicoat and RG3’s messy divorce? Whose side are you taking? Let us know below.

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