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10 Best Australian TV Shows On Netflix

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Australia may be a long way from home, but Netflix have made the Australian TV shows a global affair. The Aussie’s unique blend of TV and cinema is slowly making its way onto our screens and Australian shows on Netflix are becoming more popular than ever.

Despite being an isolated continent on the other side of the world, the best Australian TV shows are making their way across the pond thanks to streaming services such as Netflix. Oz isn’t well-known for their TV and cinema industry and they don’t put out a lot of content compared to big hitters like Hollywood and British cinema. However what they lack in quantity they certainly make for up with quality

The shows and their modest budgets are packed full of unique stories and the refreshing humour that Australians are renowned for. While many of the shows are were never intended for an international audience there most popular TV is now becoming a worldwide sensation

What are the best Australian TV shows?

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Check out our list of the best Australia TV shows on Netflix and let us know if there are any hidden gems that we have missed.

Best Australian TV shows for comedy 


Richard Roxburgh stars in this famous Australian TV show as Cleaver Greene, a splendid and dashing lawyer  who ends up defending someone guilty in every episode. His clientele even includes cannibals and polygamists.

His personal life is as similarly misinformed as the cases he takes on. His character seems to go out of his way to sabotage himself and it makes for addictive viewing. there was an American version of the show made in 2014 starring Greg kinnear but unfortunately it never amounted to much and finished after just one season

Australia TV shows: Offspring


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Offspring is up their with the best Australian TV shows. It’s series with some drama and a good helping of comedy mixed in. It revolves around  a 30-something obstetrician Nina Proudman as she explores life with a gathering of fun (however chaotic) loved ones. Sounds a great deal like The Mindy Project, doesn’t it?

It’s essentially the same but instead of  being shot in NYC, it’s recorded in Melbourne’s north. Offspring is filled with things like graphic animation fantasy sequences and of course flashbacks which add to the uniqueness of the show following its success there was a new show created called Offspring: The Nurses.

Best Australian TV Series for Drama


Glitch is an Australian TV show set in the town of Yoorana. The plot revolves around seven people who rise from their graves after being dead for some time. A police officer learns that his dead spouse is one of the people who have come back to life.  He is determined to find how and why they have returned, even if it means risking his own life. The plot is fundamentally the same as The Returned, however the reality behind Glitch has more to do with science that the supernatural. It’s definitely weird enough to keep you hooked.

Wentworth Prison women


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Wentworth is a remake of Prisoner, an Australian drama (from 1979-1986) that was set in Wentworth Detention Center, a fictional ladies’ jail. It’s a modern interpretation of detainee Bea Smith’s initial days in jail and her startling ascent to the head of the jail’s chain of command (similar to Orange is the New Black). 

It’s one of the best Australia TV shows and was an instant hit, with the first installment becoming the most watched Australian series debut in Foxtel history. Before being picked up by Netflix, it was released in several countries under the name Wentworth Prison. 

Woman on a chair

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries 

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is an Australian TV  show that focuses on Phryne Fisher, playded by  Essie Davis. She is a spectacular investigator for hire in 1920s Melbourne. The show is based on a book series by  Kerry Greenwood and has gone on to be released in 120 different countries. 

The show concluded in 2015 but all of the 3 seasons are still available on NetFlix for you to binge watch over the weekend.

Australia TV shows - wanted


Wanted is an Australian show around two ladies, Lola and Chelsea, who end up being involved in a  criminal conspiracy in the wake of seeing a homicide at a rural bus station. 

Both Lola and Chelsea wind up being pursued by dangerous criminals and degenerate cops and before long understand that they can trust no one but themselves. Who doesn’t adore a decent show about two people who are stuck in a tricky spot? Every one of the three seasons is now available on Netflix. 

Best Australian Netflix shows for mystery 

The Code 

Not to be mistaken for the three-part documentary of a similar name, The Code has six parts and is a drama series set in both outback and cities of Australia. Hold onto your hats because you’ll need to pay attention to the variety of different storylines to keep up with this fast-paced show. By Ned, a columnist, and Jesse, his sibling are involved along the way. 

There’s homicide, kidnappings, dangerous criminals, and heaps of twists and turns along the way. In terms of building tension the show gives Black Mirror a run for its money and is one best Australian TV shows for those who enjoy being on the edge of their seats.

Two women from Tidelands


Tidelands initially ran for eight parts as an Australian web TV series that was then released by Netflix toward the latter parts of 2018. The story follows Calliope “Cal” McTeer, a former convict who goes back to their little fishing town of Orphelin Bay. 

After a body of a local angler turns up on the shore, Cal begins examining the town’s unusual occupants. These dangerous half humans called “Tidelanders” are hiding some secrets and it’s up to him to try and find out what they are. It’s one of the best Australian TV shows for something a bit different.

In search of something a bit different?

Australia TV shows - Sisters


Sisters in an Australian TV show that follows Julia Bechly, the dumbfounded daughter of a fertility specialist who, while dying, admits to Julia that he has conceivably fathered hundreds of youngsters by using his own sperm.

Julia’s ensuing journey to locate her tragically missing kin uncovers that she has many a lot of brothers but only two sisters: a grieved TV star named Roxy Karibas and an uptight legal advisor, Edie Flanagan. It’s a chaotic situation, however it’s absolutely worth viewing. it only ran for 7 episodes so it means you can enjoy the series in one  marathon session.

Secret City actress

Secret City 

Fanatics of House of Cards will love Secret City, an Australian political spine chiller that is packed with lies, murder, and treachery. For all the book lovers out there, the show is based off of  smash hit books The Marmalade Files and The Mandarin Code by Chris Uhlmann and Steve Lewis. 

It was only released on Netflix a year ago, but a follow up series has already been greenlit and will be based off  Secret City: Under the Eagle. It is planned to hit Netflix on March 6, 2019.

Your Australian TV show questions answered

What is the best Australian TV series?

According to IMDB, Glitch is the best Australian TV series, which is then followed up by Wentworth and Secret city.

What is the most popular TV show in Australia?

Australian’s love a dose of reality TV shows and these often rank among the most popular TV shows in Australia. In 2018, Married At First Sight was the most popular show which crowd favourites such as My Kitchen Rules and Ex on the Beach faring well too.

What is Australia’s number one TV show?

Technically the most watched thing on TV in Australia is not a TV show or series. It is the annual State of Origin rugby match between Queensland and New South Wales that gets nearly 4 million views.

What TV series are on Netflix Australia?

Netflix Australia has an enormous variety of shows for everyone to enjoy. Classic shows like Friends appear alongside all of Netflix’s original series and movies.

What are your favorite Australia TV shows? Let us know if we have missed any of the best off of our list below.

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