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Keanu Reeves Teases The Matrix 4 After Filming Resumes

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With all the uncertainty that has come with the spread of COVID-19, many movie productions have shut down. There’s an eagerness to get back to some sense of normalcy though. Many fans are looking forward to the latest Matrix 4. Keanu Reeves is reprising his role as Neo, and the actor revealed that filming is about to resume in Berlin, Germany. Although there are many questions regarding how the franchise could possibly make a sequel after The Matrix Revolutions, Keanu is eager to get back to work.

Keanu spoke with Variety during the promotion of Bill & Ted Face the Music, and addressed questions about The Matrix 4.

“I’m here in Berlin, and everybody who’s working on the production has worked thoroughly and in concert with the local government and industries and the Babelsberg, [Germany] studios. The protocols are in place. They’re effective. The process of filmmaking has felt normal, which I’m really grateful for. And knock on wood, everybody’s been OK. We’re about three weeks in. The writers [David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon] and the director [Lana Wachowski] have come up with a beautiful, beautiful story. It’s really thrilling to be making a much easier Matrix movie.”

the matrix 4
Keanu Reeves and co-star Carrie-Anne Moss were spotted filming a scene from their upcoming film, “The Matrix 4.”
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The entertainment industry was effectively shut down after the coronavirus spread, and The Matrix 4 is one of the first major productions to return for filming this year. Reeves previously spoke about keeping everyone safe as they aim to complete the movie.

“It’s great. It’s an honor to be working. I’m in Berlin, you can hear the sirens,” Reeves told the Associated Press. “You know, there are some really thoughtful, effective protocols in place. The rhythm of filmmaking has been not really impacted or interrupted.”

He added, “If you’re ever going to get into any kind of situation that needs to be figured out or ‘How do we do this?’ Show business people are the best,” the star added. “We’re scrappy, we know how to get stuff done. We’re inventive, we think on our feet. That kind of kindred spirit coming together. It goes back to ‘Let’s put on a show! We’ve got some props, we’ve got some things, we’re going to run it!’ That spirit is definitely alive and well on The Matrix.”

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The Matrix 4 is expected to be released in theaters on April 1, 2022.

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