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Millie Bobby Brown Is On The Case In First ‘Enola Holmes’ Trailer

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Check out the first full-length Enola Holmes trailer – the game is afoot!

Sherlock’s kid sister, Enola Holmes is about to take Netflix viewers on an adventurous journey. When her mother goes missing all of a sudden, she is put to the test.

The Netflix Original offers some of the most complete and new footage of the upcoming movie yet.

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We’re introduced to Millie Bobby Brown who plays Enola. She’s comfortable living life with her mother (Helena Bonham Carter), but Enola has her world turned upside down when she wakes one morning to discover her mother missing. 

We’re immediately thrown into action, and Enola enlists the help of both her brothers Sherlock Holmes, and Mycroft.

Even though Enola is persistent searching for her mom, it’s obvious her brothers have different thoughts on where she should be focusing her efforts.

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Mycroft seems to have a mission to make Enola a proper lady of society, while Sherlock is quick to catch onto the fact that Enola is super smart and more intelligent than Mycroft realizes.

Enola eventually gives her older brothers the slip and goes off on her own to find her missing mother. Through this, she makes some new friends along the way.

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Check out first full-length trailer for Enola Holmes now!

Enola Holmes is directed by Harry Bradbeer and adapted for the big screen by Jack Thorne, and based on he novel by Nancy Springer.

The film also stars Henry Cavill as Sherlock Holmes and Sam Clafin as Mycroft.

Netflix will premiere Enola Holmes on September 23, 2020.

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