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Only People Who Absolutely Love “Titanic” Can Pass This Titanic Quiz

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About This Titanic Quiz

Our Titanic quiz will hopefully keep you guessing the whole time with a range of questions that will challenge even the most die hard fans who have seen the movie countless times.

Titanic is up there with the best films of all time and has a place in everyone’s heart. Despite being released in 1998 the film has aged incredibly well and the love story is a timeless one. A great movie keeps us entertained but the best films become part of us and help transform our life experiences.

We’ve put together a Titanic quiz that only the biggest Titanic fans will be able to score top marks on. So grab your popcorn and give our Titanic quiz a whirl. But remember, no cheating!

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How many men are part of the band who play while the ship is sinking?

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How many people are the lifeboats made to carry at a time?

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Which year did Hockley die?

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Which city is inscribed on the ship beneath the name "TITANIC"?

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Where did Jack grow up?

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What's the name of the person who should be staying in the room on Titanic instead of Jack?

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How many people does Rose say were pulled from the water when the lifeboat returned?

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What does Rose say the Titanic was called?

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Who does Jack say he's going to write a "strongly worded letter" to?

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What's the name of the ship that Rose boards after being saved?

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How many carats is the Heart of the Ocean necklace?

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In the present day of the movie, what is Rose's last name?

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Mason Robson
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