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We’ll Tell You Which Classic Sitcom You Are Based on Your Daily Routine

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Wake up, go to work, eat lunch, get off from work, eat, sleep, repeat. Although this is a typical daily routine for most people, we all have slightly different preferences on how to go about our daily lives. This daily routine quiz will tell you which classic TV sitcom most aligns with your daily routine.

Take the time to try out this daily routine quiz and discover which classic sitcom matches your day-to-day life.


What time do you usually wake up?

What's the first thing you do in the morning?

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What's for breakfast?

How do you get to work?

What's for lunch?

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Works over! What are you doing in the evening?

What time will you go to bed?

We'll Tell You Which Classic Sitcom You Are Based on Your Daily Routine
"Black-ish" You're sweet, family-oriented, and amusing!
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"The Office" You're calm, witty, and silly!

"Seinfeld" You're funny, popular, and outgoing!

"Friends" You're passionate, extroverted, and classic!

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Sue Yin
Sue Yin
Sue is always searching for what to watch next. She's an avid rom-com and comedy genre TV and movie watcher. In her spare time, she'll read and debate whether the book or movie was better.

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