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‘Altered Carbon’ Cancelled After 2 Seasons on Netflix – Find Out Why

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And just like that Netflix cancelled yet another series on the streaming service. While fans were hoping for a third season of Altered Carbon, there’s been word that the series has been cancelled.

Over the past few days, Netflix has gone on a cancelling spree and a few other shows have been given the axe. Altered Carbon has now joined the list of cancelled shows on Netflix.

“Due to Netflix’s traditional approach of cost versus viewership of a series” was the reason the 

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Altered Carbon was a show about how society is transformed by new technology, and consciousness can be digitized, human bodies interchangeable, and death is no longer permanent.

So far Netflix has been on a cancelling spree and around 15 shows have been cancelled this year already.

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Jasper Tillery
Jasper Tillery
Jasper is a sci-fi fanatic and has seen nearly all movies about a 6.7 IMDb rating. In his spare time you can find him reading and writing the latest TV and movie reviews.

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