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Black Mirror Season 6: The Latest Updates

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Fans of Black Mirror have been ever-growing ever since the British Sci-Fi anthology series premiered back in 2011.

Originally, the show aired on Channel 4 before Netflix got it’s hands on the program in 2015. There have been 5 seasons so far, including a standalone interactive episode: Bandersnatch.

Each episode is different and it’s a wild ride. For example, the first episode, titled “The National Anthem” follows a Prime Minister who has been blackmailed into having sexual intercourse on live TV with a pig. If he doesn’t, the blackmailer will assassinate the beloved Princess Susannah.

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“Be Right Back” is another favorite that recounts a mourning girl who decides to take her late boyfriend’s consciousness and upload it into an artificial body.

These episodes don’t even come close to what the rest of Black Mirror has to offer. Each episode compared the different aspects of technology and their impact on humans to the max. You’ll be stuck in thought long after the credits roll.

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In June 1029, Season 5 premiered and many fans can’t wait to watch season 6.

When Will Black Mirror Season 6 Come Out?:

Black Mirror Season 6 hasn’t been confirmed yet given the current state of the world, but there is a high chance that the series will be renewed.

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the series has been delayed and it hasn’t been confirmed whether or not it’ll be renewed. The producers of the show state that the world right now is like a Black Mirror episode and pretty dystopian.

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast Details:

Given that the show hasn’t been officially renewed yet, the cast list hasn’t been released. Since the show offers new episodes, the cast members are always changing.

Some cast members who could anticipate coming back though is : Jesse Armstrong, Charlie Booker, and Michael Schur.

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Other cast members featured in previous episodes included Bryce Dallas Howard, Anthony Mackie, and Miley Cyrus. So we can expect big names to be in the cast list.

Black Mirror Season 6 Plot: What’s the potential storyline?

The theme remains the same throughout the series. A dystopian future where technology is pervasive and humans are challenged. Given that each episode is unique and different, it’s difficult to give any plot to future episodes. The theme will remain the same though, however. At the moment, reality seems to be stranger than fiction.

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What do you think Black Mirror Season 6 should include as a plot for their episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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