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How To Get Away With Murder Season 7: What We Know So Far

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On September 25, 2014, ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ made its debut. Ever since the creators of the American legal drama series haven’t had time to take a break.

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It’s pretty tough to create 6 seasons consecutively but even though its a tough task the creators have done an excellent job luring viewers in and keeping them hooked. But what we’re asking is…

Where’s Season 7 of How to Get Away with Murder?

Via an Instagram post, creator Peter Norwalk confirmed that Annalise Keating’s journey will have to end and that there has been a decision to end the season.

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It’s tough to come to terms with the fact that we won’t be seeing Annalise anymore. The show had many followers. 

The Ending Is Just the Beginning!

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Annalise Keating, the main character who is a criminal defense attorney and law professor, selects 5 interns to work for her firm.

Connor Walsh, Asher Millstone, Michaela Pratt, Wes Wibbins, and Laurel Castillo comprise the team of interns and alongside the team, Annalise has Frank Delfino and Bonnie Winterbottom (an associate lawyer).

The entire university ends up getting haunted by a murder that shakes the campus to its core. The team begins working on a murder mystery. More info about the series can be found here.

Baby Christopher is protected by Laural who manages to escape the carnage after Annalise is proven not guilty. Unfortunately, the story ends with the sad deaths of Frank and Bonnie who were shot by guards. Annalise was shown to be living a long life, and the funeral who led viewers to believe it was for Annalise find out it was actually for Bonnie and Frank, instead.

It felt like every character had closure and there was no reason to extend the series. But then again fans still miss the suspenseful feeling the show brought.

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Any Hope For A Season 7 of How to Get Away with Murder?

We really wish there was a new season, but there isn’t anything in the works. Maybe a spinoff? That would be excellent for fans who miss the thrill and rush that the show provided.

As of now, there is no news of a season 7 release. If we do find out we’ll make sure to let you know! 

Your How to Get Away With Murder Season 7 Answers

Is there going to be a season 7?

Creator Peter Norwalk has confirmed that there will not be a season 7. With 6 seasons already out, the story of Annalise Keating has come to an end.

How many seasons of How to Get Away With Murder are there?

There are 6 seasons of How to Get Away With Murder.

Where can I watch How to Get Away With Murder?

All six seasons of How to Get Away With Murder can be streamed on Netflix.

Which season of How to Get Away With Murder was your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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