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iZombie Season 6: Is the show happening or cancelled?

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Fans are eagerly awaiting iZombie Season 6 despite the fifth season of the show wrapping up last year and all but concluding the storyline to the show. However, there are still some burning questions that have been left unanswered which has given fans hope of another instalment of the iconic show. 

The show follows Olivia “Liv” Moore, who is a doctor that has turned into a zombie. She is a medical examiner who helps to solve murders. Unlike other American procedural crime dramas based on a DC comic that’s written by Chris Roberson and Michael Allred, with which it shares its name. The protagonist’s way of solving murders is markedly different than on other shows, and Liv eats the victims’ brains so that she can get clues to solve the murder. You won’t see that on CSI: Miami. 

Doctor from Izombie season 6

Who is the cast of iZombie?

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Rose McIver stars as Liv Moore, David Anders as DeBeers, Alyson Michalka plays Peyton Charles, Rahul Kohli as Dr Ravi Chakrabarti, Bryce Hodgson plays Don E and Robert Buckley as Major Lilywhite. As with any long-running series, there are a few more actors that pop up from time to time, but the show undoubtedly focuses on McIver, Kohli, and Anders the majority of the time. 

What happens in season 5 of iZombie?

The final instalment of season 5 is called “All’s well that ends well” and was an apt name for a finale that rounded off the show pretty well. A decent amount of loose ends are tied up in the last episode which I always like to see, but there are definitely some things we didn’t get the answers to. 

The last season centres around a zombie outbreak that is ravaging the city. The plot follows the team trying to survive and cure the epidemic. In iZombie season 5, they manage to find a vaccine and the madness finally comes to an end. There are a few surprises, but well deserved, deaths along the way. But overall, the show ended on a positive note. 

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So what is left to unearth for iZombie Season 6? While you contemplate that, check out the top 10 funniest moments from the show: 

If iZombie Season 6 is happening, What will the plot be?

I know it is a common trope for TV shows to go on too long, but I feel they could have stretched iZombie out a bit longer. iZombie season 6 has plenty of storylines to flesh out content-wise. The show could focus on the lives of our favourite characters, post-zombie apocalypse and how it irreversibly changed their lives and the lives of others living in the city. 

We get a brief flashforward at the end of the show which shows us where the remaining characters are but not in any real detail. iZombie season 6 could explore the decade long gap in between the flash forward and the plethora of events that would have likely had to unfold to get the protagonists where they are.

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We are told at the end that zombies still exist on “Zombie Island” but given no detail in which capacity they live. Are they happy? Have they been sent there against their will? Are they still a threat to humans? There are tonnes of unanswered questions which would make for another great season. 

Where can I stream iZombie?

Thankfully, you won’t have to search far for the show. Netflix has all five seasons ready for you to binge-watch! Each episode has a run time that hovers around the 42-minute mark so you will get through the 70 odd episodes in no time. 

iZombie Season 6 cast

Will there be a season 6 of iZombie? 

Unfortunately, it was confirmed in 2019 that there wouldn’t be another instalment on the show and the fifth season was the last. According to Netflix, the series was tied up well enough not to warrant another series. However, we are hoping that its rise in popularity during lockdown will give the shows’ executives food for thought. 

Thankfully, the majority of the plot was tied in an excellent way, so it doesn’t leave fans in the lurch after investing time in the show.

Would you like to season iZombie season 6? Were there any questions that you think went unanswered? Let us know below.

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iZombie: Your questions answered

Why was iZombie Cancelled?

It broke in May 2018 that the show would be cancelled. However, its passionate and outraged fanbase pushed for a fifth season to end the show and got it. It was loosely based around the comic by Chris Roberton and Michael Allred. The show ended mostly because of declining viewership numbers. 

Does Peyton die on iZombie?

Peyton Charles is the first central cast member to die on the show. She finds a way to get the children out but is then killed via a gunshot wound by one of Blaine’s lackeys. Thankfully, Blaine and Don-E eventually got what was coming to them. 

Is Liv dead iZombie?

Liv’s death is confirmed by Clive, Ravi, and Peyton following the explosion. However, Major didn’t guarantee it. The flashforward seems to prove the news that she is, in fact, dead but unless there is a sixth season we will never know. 

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