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Marco Polo Season 3: Any News About Season 3?

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Marco Polo Season 3 has been stuck in limbo for quite a while. The American drama series aired its last episode back in July 2016. There have been rumors and speculation since then that Netflix and producers that a season three may be in the works, although the series was canceled after only two seasons. Fans still have their fingers crossed and hop for the show to come back even though Netflix took a hit of $200M from the two seasons. 

What Did Viewers Like About The Show?

The show received decent ratings and it caters to fans who liked period pieces set in the 13th Century. Producers didn’t hold back with spending money and the first season cost nearly $90M and employed over 500 people.

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Fresh ideas floated around the set and the series provided a diverse cast of Asians, Persians, Chinese, Mongolians, and others. The large budget also involved spending money on visual effects and backdrops that highlighted the show’s cinematography.

What Caused Marco Polo To Flop?

There were a lot of missed opportunities for the show. “While Marco Polo possesses scope, scale, and an excessive amount of exposed skin, the series exhibits only an irregular pulse. This leaves a property that can be fun taken strictly on its own terms, but deficient in the binge-worthy qualities upon which Netflix’s distribution system has relied,” one news organization stated. 

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Marco Polo Season 3: People Still Hope

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The thought of a revival and a third season of Marco Polo is still on the minds of many fans, they may have some reason to believe that the show will make a comeback.

Netflix’s COO Ted Sarandos spoke in The Hollywood Reporter’s Full TV Executives Roundtable interview about Marco Polo Season 3.

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HBO’s Richard Plepler, NBC Universal’s Bonnie Hammer, and AMC’s Josh Sapan discussed the show, but hadn’t come to a strong agreement yet. They haven’t disclosed any of their negotiations, but the fact that these discussions are taking place gives hope to fans.

Marco Polo Season 3: Release Date & Cast

There hasn’t been an official confirmation for the production of Marco Polo Season 3, and the cast is not available as they’re involved with different projects.

  • Lorenzo Richelmy (as Marco Polo) has undertaken a role in the ABC pilot Triangle as of March 2019. 
  • Benedict Wong (as Kublai Khan) is currently engaged in the first season of Deadly Class. 
  • Remy Hii, Olivia Cheng, Claudia Kim, and Uli Latukefu are cccupied with their contracts. 

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Fans will have to be patient for a possible revival of the show. What do you expect Season 3 would be like? Let us know in the comments below!

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