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The Passage Season 2: Possible Renewal and Release Date

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Fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of The Passage Season 2 since the first season concluded in May 2019.  The show is based on a book series by Justin Cronin and follows the life of Amy Bellafonte. 

Amy goes from being manipulated by the government in secret conspiracies to leading humankind in a post-apocalyptic world run by vampires. 

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What was Passage Season 1 about?

The series begins by focusing on Project Noah, a secret medical building where the cure for all disease is being experienced with. However, the flip side is that the treatment could also potentially wipe out all of humanity. Amy Bellafonte is chosen as a test subject and brought in by FBI agent Brad Wolgast. He eventually becomes a father figure to her and tries to protect her at all costs. 

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They end up battling through the facility and come face to face with Wolgast’s superiors and the head scientist Major Nichole Sykes. To their horror, they find vampire-like beings locked within the walls. As scientists continue to test the cure for all disease, the creatures test their powers and edge closer to an escape that would doom humanity. 

To remind yourself of the first season, check out the trailer below.

Who stars in The Passage?

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Some relatively well-known actors make up the cast of The Passage. These include Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Brad Wolgast, Saniyya Sidney as Amy Bellafonte, Brianne Howey as Shauna Babcock, Jamie McShane as Tim Fanning, Caroline Chikezie as Nichole Sykes, McKinley Belcher III as Anthony Carter, Henry Ian Cusick as Jonas Lear, and Vincent Piazza as Clark Richards.

What’s The Status For The Passage Season 2?

Will we see The Passage Season 2 hit out screens anytime soon? Unfortunately, fans of the science fiction thriller have been left devastated. Fox has decided to cancel the series after a single season. Any hopes of a second season were dashed by the series main star Saniyya Sidney. Sidney played the role of Amy Bellafonte and was fantastic throughout the first season. But she confirmed The Passage Season 2 wouldn’t return via a post on her Instagram. Check it out below. 

Will The Passage Season 2 Return In The Future?

Despite a decent IMDB rating of 7.4 with over 10,000 reviews, the show fell out of favor with FOX executives. The Passage started out with an audience of 5.2 million, but that declined week after week. The season finale, episode 10, saw just over 3 million people tune in, which FOX felt was a warning sign of even worse ratings to come. 

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It’s hard to justify the renewal of a show that is in decline and not bringing in big money, especially when FOX just signed a $550 million deal for Thursday Night Football rights. At the same time, FOX also dropped The Cool Kids after a single season, so The Passage season 2 seems unlikely.

What would Season 2 of The Passage be about?

The Passage season 2 would follow the source material from the books and pick up nearly 100 years into the future. Like the books, it would start out by filling in the gaps of where Lear, Wolgast, Amy, and other key characters have been, and how they have survived. 

Your The Passage Season 2 questions answered

Why did FOX cancel The Passage?

The show moved from an initial 5.2 million viewers down to about 3 million in just 10 episodes. They didn’t see long term potential in the show and were scared of a great decline in viewers.

Will there be a passage Season 2?

Fox has cancelled the show and major cast members have came out regarding the news on social media so it seems unlikely they will renew it.

Will Netflix pick up the passage Season 2?

There is a tonne of source material left untold so there’s definitely potential for the show to renew. However, Netflix has not yet stepped up to the mark and picked up the show.

How many seasons of the passage are there?

There is one season of The Passage.

What are your thoughts on The Passage Season 2 being cancelled? Let us know in the comments below.

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