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Trailer Park Boys and The True Story Behind Bubbles’ Glasses

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Bubbles Glasses are an iconic part of Trailer Park Boys. Trailer Park Boys was discontinued by the Canadian network Showcase but has since been revived. Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles created SwearNet, a whole new world of Trailer Park Boys, which has morphed into much more than a cult classic. The boys made a deal with Netflix and even created an animated spin-off. You can now enjoy countless hours of hilarity.

TPB is pretty much mainstream (we guess?), and no matter how many die-hard fans or even first-time viewers of the show we encounter, there’s one question that always arises: What’s the deal with Bubbles’ glasses? Mike Smith plays the character Bubbles, and we love him, but we’re all itching to know…dude, what’s the story behind those thick Coke bottle glasses?

According to Sharp Magazine, the creator of Trailer Park Boys, Mike Clattenburg told them that originally Mike Smith was hired to do sound for the feature film, which became the series shot in 1998. Smith put on the glasses and immediately went into character as Bubbles at Clattenburg’s house. He liked what he saw, and a star was born. Smith went on to explain how the glasses came about.

Bubbles’ Glasses Were A 50 Cent Purchase At An Estate Sale 

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Smith mentioned that his girlfriend was at an estate sale in Texas when the 50 cent specs were spotted. She picked them up due to how thick and funny they looked and bought them as a joke. A picture of the original owner of the glasses showed an old lady, and as she only had 50 cents on her at the time, she got the glasses, but unfortunately left the picture behind.

Showcase wasn’t sold on the character of Bubbles at first. They were persuaded by Clattenburg to add him as a character in the show later on. The Cart Boy was shown to the network and featured the Bubbles prototype character, which promised to develop the role further.

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Julian, also known as John Paul Tremblay, the muscular trailer park resident, always donning a black shit and carrying a glass of rum and Coke in hand had this to say. “Mike Smith completely developed that character. He just threw the glasses on, and we were all like, ‘Wow! We need this guy on the show.’”

Many have said that the show wouldn’t have taken off as it did without the character Bubbles. We agree. And as for the thick glasses being uncomfortable, Smith said they initially gave him headaches, but now his brain shuts out the pain somehow.

What are your thoughts on Bubbles Glasses? Let us know in the comments below.

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